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Skagit County Residents Discuss the Pros and Cons of Change

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As Reported by, Gary Hagland, Skagit County Chapter of CAPR- The folks who are never happy about anything, the left and especially their radical environmentalist contingent, are determined to change our system of county government.  Why? Because the commissioners wouldn’t play ball according to their wishes.  Frustrated by the county’s opposition to trans locating grizzlies into the North Cascades, employing …

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Whatcom County Council Studys How to Prevent Increased Train Oil Car Traffic. Will They Spend More to Study How to Prevent Increased Pipeline Traffic and Processing at Cherry Point, Too?

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In 2016 the Whatcom County Council passed a moratorium on permitting for new projects related to fossil fuels in the Cherry Point Industrial Zone. At the same time the Council also approved spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study to stop the expansion (growth) or exports of fossil fuels from these facilities, too. The focus of that study was …

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Wanted: Citizen Journalists to Report on Local News

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When the dealing with local issues the best information comes from the firsthand reports of the people who are there. Common Threads NW’s mission is to focus on the common issues facing Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island counties. These four areas are served by the 40th and 42nd Districts in Olympia and have similar leadership in place, with common …

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Long-term Democrat Sends Message to the Party

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Gary Hagland shared a message from a Skagit County Democrat to be forwarded and shared to the Democrat Party of Washington State. This is his message to them. FYI:  CAPR is a nonpartisan organization, but it supports property rights without fear or favor.  The WA Democrat Party’s record on Skagit’s water problems is pretty clear and the party is not …

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Skagit CAPR Chapter: Disappointed Local Environmental Activists Now Want to Change County’s Structure

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This article was published and read in the Skagit Valley Herald (SVH) in Friday’s paper. Please be advised the following is my analysis after reading between the lines and recognizing the same names of people who were angered over the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) decision to oppose the introduction of grizzly bears into North Cascades National Park and Snoqualmie …