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Was the 2018 Whatcom County-wide Forum an Echo Chamber of Conservatism? Or, A Forum That Asked the Hard Questions Which Were Not Asked At Other Forums?

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  Were you wondering what questions would be asked at a candidate forum? Why would you want to attend a political candidate forum? They’re all an echo chamber saying the same thing, aren’t they? Answer? No. The questions that were created for the 2018 Whatcom County-wide forum (and for the Skagit County-wide forum) were submitted by local groups who are …

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2018 Whatcom County-wide Candidate Forum

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On Thursday, Oct. 18th, 2018 Common Threads NW organized with the support of numerous other local organizations to host a political candidate forum. The forum was comprised of ‘3’ segments: Washington State Legislative Candidates Washington State Initiative’s I-1631, I-1639, I-1634 and I-940 Whatcom County Council At-Large, County Prosecutor, Public Utilities District, and Washington State Court of Appeals The sponsors of …

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Update on public water systems and exempt wells in Whatcom County

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Update on local efforts to comply with the State Legislature’s mandates for public water systems in the “Hirst Fix” bill passed in January, 2018. Land use consultant Roger Almskaar, also President of the Whatcom Chapter of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR), presented documents to the Whatcom County Council on June 19th asking for a change to the Drinking Water …

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Whatcom County Council Studys How to Prevent Increased Train Oil Car Traffic. Will They Spend More to Study How to Prevent Increased Pipeline Traffic and Processing at Cherry Point, Too?

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In 2016 the Whatcom County Council passed a moratorium on permitting for new projects related to fossil fuels in the Cherry Point Industrial Zone. At the same time the Council also approved spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study to stop the expansion (growth) or exports of fossil fuels from these facilities, too. The focus of that study was …

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Citizen Journalism: Current Status of Whatcom County’s Water Resource Planning Program

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Minutes and opinion piece from the Whatcom County Planning Unit work over the previous month. This information has been submitted and provided to Common Threads NW from the combined works of Skip Richards and Roger Almskaar. Current Status of Whatcom County’s Water Resource Planning Program This report is the first in a monthly series. It will summarize the background and …