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Citizen Journalist – WC Council Meeting and Planning Unit Meeting for July 10, 2018

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Whatcom County Council Evening Meeting, Tuesday, 7/10/2018. Whatcom County Council meeting had some ominous business, normal politics, and some enjoyable, humorous moments. The ominous is the anti-growth anti-Cherry Point crowd, directed by the leadership within RE Sources and their apparent control of five of the WC Councilpersons.  They have been working on the Cherry Point  Urban Growth Areas (UGA) Comprehensive …

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Labor shortage could lead to higher wages – and prices

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No doubt about it, the U.S. economy (and the USA) is back! With the burden of excessive regulatory overreach at the Federal level on the decline and tax cuts and other business-friendly policies taking hold, businesses want to expand. For the first time in recent memory, there are more jobs to fill than there are qualified people seeking jobs. The …

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Skagit County Residents Discuss the Pros and Cons of Change

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As Reported by, Gary Hagland, Skagit County Chapter of CAPR- The folks who are never happy about anything, the left and especially their radical environmentalist contingent, are determined to change our system of county government.  Why? Because the commissioners wouldn’t play ball according to their wishes.  Frustrated by the county’s opposition to trans locating grizzlies into the North Cascades, employing …

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County Council Continues Discussion on Regulations to Cherry Point With Moratorium That Will Restrict Growth and Jobs

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The Whatcom County Council continued their discussion of a “temporary” Cherry Point permit moratorium during its Special Committee of the Whole meeting, on June 19th. Councilmembers had asked staff to prepare Comp Plan amendments in an effort to write regulations that would interrupt Cherry Point-based industries to expand business growth and avoid a lawsuit for Whatcom County. Some ideas Council …

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Whatcom County Council Studys How to Prevent Increased Train Oil Car Traffic. Will They Spend More to Study How to Prevent Increased Pipeline Traffic and Processing at Cherry Point, Too?

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In 2016 the Whatcom County Council passed a moratorium on permitting for new projects related to fossil fuels in the Cherry Point Industrial Zone. At the same time the Council also approved spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study to stop the expansion (growth) or exports of fossil fuels from these facilities, too. The focus of that study was …

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Citizen Journalism: May 22nd through June 6, 2018, Whatcom County Council and Watershed Management Board Meetings

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Whatcom County like our State is better served when the ‘legislatures’ are on vacation or adjourned.   Our State Legislature is adjourned, so safe there for now; our Whatcom County Council is still in session and our County is still at risk. 5/22 Whatcom County Council County sales taxes are increased 12% thus far in 2018.  Preliminary County Capital Projects …