Nooksack Basin Watershed Planning Update: Dec. 18, 2018 Planning Unit Update

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Whatcom Chapter, Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR), is providing its members and friends frequent reports on the Planning Unit caucuses and local governments efforts to update  the County Water Management Plan, as required by the 2018 “Hirst fix” law, RCW 90.94.020.  

There are still major disagreements between several “non-gov’t” caucuses and some gov’t/environmental caucuses on some of the latter’s proposals for new exempt wells:  metering, lower daily withdrawal limits, and fee increases. The need for these “solutions” is questionable, considering that consumptive use by all exempt wells is less than 1% of all groundwater use. The Planning Unit has been unable to agree on and produce a draft Update for County Council adoption by Feb 1 2019. There are no more meetings scheduled until Jan. 2019.