Water Rights Access Under Continued Threat; Jobs, too!

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Below is a link to the podcast of the February 3, 2019, KGMI/790AM radio broadcast of The Whatcom Report, a weekly show sponsored by The Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce. The February 3rd show was hosted by Chamber President and CEO, Guy Occhiogrosso, who invited two guests to join him in discussion of two major policy issues considered by the Whatcom County Council during their January 29 Council meetings.

First to speak was Perry Eskridge, Government Affairs Director at the Whatcom County Association of Realtors. In a few short minutes, Eskridge, a practicing attorney, provides an excellent summary of the status of your water rights and watershed planning in the Nooksack basin in the wake of the “Hirst fix” legislation. Access to our water is at the core of the controversy.

If you were unable to attend the dozens of obscure public (and not-so-public) local water-policy meetings that have taken place over the past year, you are sure to find Mr. Eskridge’s commentary highly informative.

During the second half of the Whatcom Report, Occhiogrosso is joined by Bob Gaye, Business Representative with IBEW Local 191 and Perry Eskridge. They discuss the County Council’s recent actions which led up to a sixth extension of the so-called “Cherry Point moratorium” on the expansion of businesses at Cherry Point. The segment ends with a recorded commentary delivered by County Councilmember Tyler Byrd to his colleagues near the end of the January 29th Council meeting.

To save time, use your mouse to move the “fast-forward” slider under the KGMI logo when the podcast comes up. Eskridge on water: minutes 3:07 – 13:04 and 15:15 – 20:30. Occhiogrosso, Gaye and Eskridge on Cherry Point:  minutes 24:45 – 33:49 and 34:55 – 43:53. Tyler Byrd commentary: 44:32 – 50:24.