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Widely seen as the “father” of the “FAIR AND EQUAL” disenfranchisement of Whatcom County’s citizen voters, Todd Donovan, who would have been at risk of losing his seat on the Council under the new redistricting scheme put forward by the County Council in 2015, was assigned, instead, to the At-Large Position B seat on the Whatcom County Council.  Along with the newly created position Todd received a guarantee he would remain in office until the election of 2019.

In a 2017 version of the old shell game, Todd, apparently unhappy with both the moderate and the ultra-liberal candidates filing for election to Whatcom County Council Seat District 2 (North Bellingham) decided to file for that seat as well despite having two years left in his commitment to the people of the County to serve in the At-Large seat on the Council.

The shell game?

If Todd wins the District 2 seat he will participate in selecting his own replacement for the At-Large seat he will vacate giving him significant control over the entire Council through at least 2019.

Council District 2-North BellinghamTodd Donovan, who holds the current District 1, position B, seat is running for the new District 2 seat. Also running for District 2 are Daniel Collick and Amy Glasser.


Of course, there is one other option; based on previous Council actions and the compliant attitude of County elected officials over the past two years, Todd may believe he can continue to serve both positions simultaneously; to keep his seat for Council At-Large and, if elected, to also occupy the newly created District 2, seat!

And if not to confuse the voters even more (which he has) this image captures the confusion for Progressive Democrats on their own social media posting.