Councilmember Ken Mann on Cherry Point Study

In Local Government, News by Ashley Butenschoen

Unfortunately, Mr. Mann is spreading the misinformation, and calling his constituents miss-informed or ignorant. Most members of the County Council, as proven by their actions, pursue a political agenda driven by hysterical and unscientific environmental propaganda. The $150,000 study is a continuation of that agenda. Corporate executives for Cherry Point Industries are very concerned about the council’s overreach into regulating commerce, a right reserved for the U.S. Congress in the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The moratoriums on exports, growth and this study are indisputable evidence of Council overreach. BP and Phillips plant managers attended the May 16th rally and council meeting to explain their concerns. The Council ignored them. They are global corporate professionals, not local political hacks – and their Global Headquarters are worried. It’s a good bet that the Council may soon hear from their lawyers, once again putting our County at risk of a failed lawsuit that will cost taxpayers dearly. Members of the Council are micromanaging industries that drive a large percentage of our local economy. Should we let Mr. Mann, Mr. Sidhu, Mr. Donovan, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Browne and Mr. Weimar play politics with our critical industries? No. The Council members are incompetent at best, as proven by their inability to defend County citizens in the Hirst case and failure to find a local solution. At worst, they are devious, attempting to control rural growth for their political ends. Mr. Mann’s dismissive comments and political double talk are most disturbing. He should represent the people he is elected to serve rather than call them misinformed, or he should resign.