Congratulations and a big THANK YOU!

In News, Wake Up Whatcom by Ashley Butenschoen

Congratulations, Common Threads Northwest and partners – you are beginning to Wake Up Whatcom County!  A big THANK YOU! to all who attended and assisted in the May 16th rally. We had well over 400 people, numerous business, farm, labor, student and community groups sent a message to the Whatcom County Council – Preserve our Jobs, Save Our Farms, Protect Our Property Rights!  These are non-partisan, import issues for our community.

Unfortunately, that very night six County Council members ignored you, the voters.  They passed restrictions limiting business opportunities at Cherry Point, shut down a 4th Pier to export your valuable products, and approved a taxpayer funded study to show them how to find more ways to restrict our best employers.

This Council is making decisions that hurt the rural community, our jobs and our property owners.  Council members and their supporters deflect criticism by telling citizens they are misinformed by scare tactics, while they force declines in Whatcom rural property values in the $100s of millions, regulate local farms out of business, and find ways to shut down Cherry Point refineries. They believe you – the voters – are misinformed and ignorant of your own plight.  Sadly, they are still not listening.

Make no mistake, they will hear us!  This has just begun.  We have much more to do.  Common Threads and our many partners will keep the effort going to protect and improve our community.  We will provide accurate information, education and outreach to get more of us involved.  Look for another event coming soon!

Thank you again for a very successful rally!  Remember We don’t hate, We vote!  And we have just begun to WAKE UP WHATCOM COUNTY!

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