Was the 2018 Whatcom County-wide Forum an Echo Chamber of Conservatism? Or, A Forum That Asked the Hard Questions Which Were Not Asked At Other Forums?

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Were you wondering what questions would be asked at a candidate forum? Why would you want to attend a political candidate forum? They’re all an echo chamber saying the same thing, aren’t they?

Answer? No. The questions that were created for the 2018 Whatcom County-wide forum (and for the Skagit County-wide forum) were submitted by local groups who are interested in how these candidates will lead if elected to local office on import issues that relate to the rights of property.

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noun  prop·​er·​ty | \ˈprä-pər-tē  plural properties

Definition of property:

1aa quality or trait belonging and especially peculiar to an individual or thing

ban effect that an object has on another object or on the senses

cVIRTUE sense 2

dan attribute common to all members of a class

2asomething owned or possessed specifically a piece of real estate

bthe exclusive right to possess, enjoy, and dispose of a thing OWNERSHIP

csomething to which a person or business has a legal title

done (such as a performer) who is under contract and whose work is especially valuable

ea book or script purchased for publication or production

3an article or object used in a play or motion picture except painted scenery and costumes

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