Feinstein’s Folly

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Dear Common Threads,

I recently spoke with *** and it was suggested I send my article to CTNW’s editor, so I thought it would not hurt to send it to the website.  I am trying to get this published in the Lynden Tribune. I believe that it is an important duty to vote, especially after witnessing the disaster regarding the Kavanaugh hearing.

Gerald Hulbert

Feinstein’s Folly

A “folly” is defined as “any foolish and useless but expensive undertaking” per Webster’s Dictionary.   Senator Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA), as   a ranking member of the U.S.  Senate Judiciary Committee, used the Kavanaugh hearing as a platform to empower the #metoo group and the progressives, choosing to disregard the democratic and legal process at the taxpayer’s expense!  She should have respected Dr. Ford’s initial request for privacy and   provided her with an appropriate and timely investigation. As a seasoned congresswoman, she should have respected the importance of due process and stressed the importance of collaborative evidence; submitting any ‘and’ all evidence to the committee in a timely manner.  As the scenario evolved, it became Feinstein’s Folly.

As you prepare to vote in November’s election please consider; (1) those candidates “running” who do respect the importance of the democratic process, (2) seriously consider the benefits of term limits when voting for our duly elected representatives,  and (3) above all, ask yourself, “How can I allow any of my elected officials (such as Senator Feinstein) to continually act to represent me and disregard the United States  Constitution?”

By not doing so, we will set a dangerous precedent for the future of this country.

~ Gerald Hulbert