Citizen Journalist Reporting: Planning Unit Meeting “Brainstorming Solutions”

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Planning Unit Brainstorming and Solutions:

The Planning Unit met for  solutions and brainstorming, led by Kasey Cycler, of the Department of Ecology (DOE).

The meeting was well attended by the Planning Unit and 40-50 other people, including Councilmembers Tyler Byrd, and Satpal Sidhu. Eric Hirst, from the Hirst case was also among those from the public attending this meeting.

John Covert, Hydrogeology DOE, gave an understandable presentation on the connection of underground  aquifers and stream flows.  John gave examples of what Walla Walla is doing with collection basins to augment river stream flow.  John also described what they are doing with collection pools  to keep good steam flow in the Yakima river.

A second presentation John gave possible collection/recharge pools which could be potential in our Nooksack basin, collection on government land on the upper reaches could easily augment the small amount ‘exempt wells’ use.

  1. Kasey Cycler called on brainstorming ideas from each caucus and several gave thoughts and ideas their caucus had.

Hydrogeologist, J. Covert, was  practical  and understandable, he said the Nooksack Basin was way ahead  of others in our planning.  He was  asked  by some caucuses if he would be available in the Nooksack basin, he sounded optimistic, that DOE could arrange it.

The Planning Unit has a ‘Governance & Funding, GFC, meeting May 9th, 2-4pm, at the Whatcom County Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) conference room.

Kasey Cylcler, DOE, reminds us of ( 274) days until Feb, 2, 2019, solution deadline.