Citizen Journalism: Port of Bellingham Meeting Reports for June 5th & June 19th

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Report for Port of Bellingham Board Meeting June 5, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Bell at 4:30 pm.  Vice President Bobby Briscoe and Secretary Michael Shepard were in attendance.

Editor missed the public comment period so have provided information from Port Agenda minutes report.

  • The following persons participated in the first public comment period.
    Roger Pride, 10 year Blaine Harbor Customer spoke about concerns in the Harbor including more live-a-boards than he feels is appropriate, workers on a barge drinking hard liquor had to be escorted off the dock, the Plover traveling past his slip 52 times on weekends generating pollution, and requesting that all commercial vessels including the Plover be segregated to a separate dock. Mr. Pride mentioned that he previously sent a letter with his concerns and solution.
  • Patrick Alesse, commented that he likes how the on-line agenda links to documents. He also commented that by renting out all of Zuanich Park for a day in August, people won’t be able to use the restrooms. He mentioned that he is all for the Port stimulating the economy and that since the Port has property near bus routes, if an agency were to come forward with a suggestion to create a homeless camp in Sumas, the Port should be open to the idea.
  • Geoff Middaugh spoke regarding the safety improvements at railroad crossings. He thanked the Commission and Staff for all the hard work and encouraged the Port not to lose momentum and get the Harris Street crossing complete. Mr. Middaugh also asked that the Port urge the City to complete the Bay Street crossing. Once Bay
    Street is complete, the Port and the City will have all the pieces to implement an FRA compliant quite zone in the Southside of Bellingham. Mr. Middaugh thanked the Commission for their leadership on this issue and encouraged them to finish the process for the Southside by the end of 2018 and then begin on the Waterfront.

Minutes for the May 1st and May 15th meetings were approved.

Eleven items including the previous meeting minutes were part of the consent agenda.  All were approved.  Items included selling an abandoned vessel and note that another boat was on Squalicum Beach.  Also approved, the small works roster for the Harbor Center Building Facilities Rehab project, Assignment of an Airport lease from Richard R. Haggen to Bayside Hanger, Renewal and Modification of a lease with Halibut Henry’s LLC., and the appointment of Gary Vis to the Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee as the North Whatcom County Representative.  Approved also was authorization for the Executive Director to enter into a new MTCA (Model Toxics Control Act) Remedial Action Grant Agreement with the Department of Ecology for the Blaine Marina, modification of a lease between the Port and Moon Enterprises, Inc. for premises at Blaine, and authorization to approve Lessor’s Consent to Assignment, Consent to Change in Control, Attornment, and Release, waiver of Notice Requirement and correction of Bellingham Cold Storage Lease.

Board members saw presentations on the Waterfront District and ASB (Aeriation Stabilization Basin) update.  Suggestions to make recommendation of full-fill or partial-fill, by September.  The Whatcom Waterway clean site is over 700 acres.  Most of the area is covered by natural fill from the Nooksack River. 100,000 cubic yards removed.  5000 tons creosote treated debris included.  Discussion on partial-fill of about 14 acres, or full 27 acres, and options included.

An update on the Blaine Harbor Web locker project included costs of $2.5 to $3 Million.  There will be 3 web houses.  Discussion included adding solar panels to the design.  A question was raised about the birds dropping shells on the panels.

At 5:30 PM public discussion included a presentation from Re Sources on Port of Bellingham projects.

Action Items approved 3-0 included Resolution 1375 regarding using 100% biofuels and electricity for operating the Port’s vessels, vehicles and construction equipment.  This would be applied to replacement of equipment.

The Board agreed to authorize the Executive Director to enter into an agreement with event organizers which would require that Port Parks close to all for private events; authorization limited to 3 times per year.  Approval was given for one event in August.The Port Commissioner’s to review any future events.

Approval for an Airport Industrial Park ground lease with Whatcom County and renewal and modification of Lease between Port and Reisner Distributor, Inc., for property at Squalicum Harbor.  This reduced area covered by lease to ½ acre.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:48 p.m.

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June 5, 2018 POB Minutes

Report for Port of Bellingham Board Meeting, June 19, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Bell at 4:30 pm.  Vice President Bobby Briscoe attended by phone and Secretary Michael Shepard was in attendance.

During the public comment period, Cheri Ann Trammell spoke regarding the use of Zuanich Park for the “Rockin into the Blues Festival” September 1st and 2nd (Labor Day Weekend) and that their proposal was for all the specified property.  Commissioner Briscoe questioned the need for all of the park and the response was to control the area for those that paid to attend.

A total of 10 items were on the consent agenda.  One, item G, was moved to new business.  Approvals included a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with Puget Sound Executive Services for Law Enforcement Officer Services at Bellingham International Airport (BLI), the purchase of a Multi-Tasking Equipment unit from Wausau Equipment for snow removal operations at BLI, execution of a PSA with Coffman Engineers for the FMIP Sprinkler Systems replacement project, authorization to reallocate funds and increase the budget for the Harbor Center Building Public Facilities repairs/remodel project, and execution of a purchase order with North Coast Electric for the Blaine Harbor Lighting Upgrade project.

The consent agenda also included authorization to sign a Confidentially and Nondisclosure Agreement with West Coast Terminal and Stevedore, Inc., Renewal and Modification of a lease between the Port and Marine Spill Response Corporation at Squalicum Harbor, approve Consent to Assignment of a Lease from Hopeton, LLC to Spring Street Towers, LLC, and approve modification of the Harbor Land lease between the Port and Spring Street Towers, LLC. The agenda also included Termination of a Lease and Settlement Agreement between the Port and Anthony Monroe d/b/a Northwest Native Architecture, Suite 105, Bellwether Building. Commissioner Shepard raised a question on the terms of the Settlement Agreement – Northwest Native Architecture paid half of the rent that would have been due until the lease ends July 19 and the Port can immediately rent out the space.  Consent Agenda items were approved 3-0.

Presentations – The State Auditor has been conducting an audit over the last several weeks.  They issued a “Clean Audit Report” and in the exit conference made minor recommendations to management.  The next audit will be in the spring of 2019.  The audit was estimated to cost $39,900 but because of excellent work of the Port staff, they saved $2500.

Item 1: to establish a new Open Spaces 2018 Capital Improvement budget line item for installation of seven additional interpretive signs along the Squalicum Harbor Promenade.  The signs are 99% done and has saved $9000 by completing the project this year.  Cost was $20,000 with $11,000 donated, from the Dave Hansen Memorial Fund, which was collected and administered by the Working Waterfront Coalition.  An eighth sign is being developed. Commissioner Shepard asked about doing a similar sign project at Blaine Harbor.  It was suggested to include in the 2019 budget.  Approved 3-0.

Item 2: approval of the adoption and authorize for the Executive Director to implement the Port Air Service Incentive Program for BLI.  The Port can not subsidize airline service.  The FAA allows small airports to eliminate airport costs for up to 2 years.  For example, a revenue guarantee for some routes and it must be offered to existing carriers as well as new carriers.  Approved 3-0.

Following a break and the 5:30 Public Comment Period which did not have any comments, the meeting continued.

Commissioner Briscoe during the “Other Business” period questioned the order of business and taking the break and resuming the meeting as it was done today.  Chairman Bell indicated he would consider those comments at future meetings.

Item 3: authorization to execute Amendment No. 8 of a PSA with Landau Associates, Inc., funding  for design and permitting services for the Cornwall Avenue Landfill Site project by $543,447.  Approved 3-0.

Item 4: authorization to execute a contract with RAM Construction for earthwork for franchise utilities at the Granary Bldg. and Laurel and A Street project.  This is the second phase of the project – 2700 lineal feet – including conduit, water lines, a utility farm to promote development of the site.  Cost is $483,240.  Project should be completed in one month.   Approved 3-0.

Item 5: fourth Modification of Lease between the Port and Grandcamp International LLC for premises at Bellingham Shipping Terminal.  Change reduced lease area to 2 acres from 8 acres.  The reason was a change in logs being shipped from softwood to hardwoods which are barged to Port Angeles. Approved 3-0.

Item 6: originally item G of the consent agenda – approve Resolution No. 1374 adopting a new policy for Mobile and Over-the-Dock fueling and a new license to Operate Agreement for same.  This will consolidate all fueler’s under a common agreement and requires notification of the Port of even a drop of fuel in the water.  Approved 3-0.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:10 pm.

Submitted by a Citizen Journalist for Common Threads NW

June 19, 2018 Minutes