Citizen Journalism: Port of Bellingham Meeting Report for August 14, 2018

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The meeting was called to order by President Ken Bell at 4:30 pm.  Vice President Bobby Briscoe attended by phone and Secretary Michael Sheppard was in attendance.

Nineteen items were on the consent agenda.  Approvals on a 3-0 vote were the following:
  • Minutes of the June 21, 2018 special Commission meeting
  • Consent to Assignment and Modification of the HTCI System License and Operation Agreement with the Sound Internet Service, Inc. (doing business as Pogozone)
  • Site use agreement with Whatcom County Library System at Bellingham International Airport Sept. 1, 2018 to Feb. 28, 2019
Also approved:
  • FAA AIP Grant 3-53-0005-55-2016 Snow Removal Equipment @ LED (2) Lighted X Closure Markers
  • FAA AIP Grant 3-53-0005-56-2018 RSA in I-5 Right of Way
  • Professional Services Agreement with Anchor QEA to provide NPDES permit support consulting services for the ASB.
Consent Agenda approval for notification purposes:
  • Small works roster pursuant to Resolution No 1358A-Squalicum Harbor Boat Launch Striping and FMIP Sprinkler System Repairs
  • Reallocate capital improvement project (CIP) funds for the 2018 for Roof Fall Protection Project to be awarded in accordance with Port procedures for the Small Works Roster
  • Sole Source Justification and Purchase Order with BioClean, Inc for relocating storage yard and constructing a stormwater bio filtration system
  • Increase the CIP budget for the Harbor Center Building Public Facilities Rehabilitation Project.
Some of the bigger items for creating future potential Port activity were:
  • The purchase of the Belt Feeder and 2-Axle Dolly for the Bellingham Shipping Terminal, Easement Agreement and Associated Mitigation License with Cascade Natural Gas on property near Squalicum Creek
  • Enhancement License Agreement and Lease Amendment with Cohanim Bellwether D LLC and any other documents pertinent to this transaction
  • Termination of lease with Bellingham Aviation Services LLC for premises located at 4121 Mitchell Way, Bellingham, Washington
  • Consent to Assignment of Airport Industrial Park Lease from the Puget Hound LLC to Hyline Hotel & Training for Dogs LLC
  • Bellingham International Airport (BLI) Binding Site Plan #3A, Consent to Assignment of Airport Lease from Apogee Real Estate LLC to Halo Holdings LLC
  • BLI Binding Site Plan #13B & 13C, Modification of Lease with Norman M Walsh (doing business as Walsh Marine) for premises at the Blaine Marine Industrial Area
  • Consent to Assignment of Agreements – San Juan Sailing: re: transfer of capital stock.

Waterfront District Update presented by Brian Gouran – Cleanup moving ahead, District energy, piping under construction, a energy provided will be recommended in September.  City projects will be covered in a future report.  Granary Avenue moving toward completion, Way Point Park is open.  Harcourt Granary Building Annex under way.  Plans are underway for an office building adjacent to The Granary.  A residential building is subject to design review in September and permits in early 2019.  Sustainability considerations include energy, solar and gray water collection.  Construction would be next to Way Point Park.  Subarea plan amendments possible for layout changes – not uses.  Plan available on Port website. Ongoing efforts include use of the shipping terminal, WWU area, trials and a potential hotel.

The Second Quarter Financial Report showed no major surprises.  $18 Million in Revenues in 2017, $21 Million in 2018.  Expenses where $17 Million in 2017 and $17.2 Million in 2018.

During the 5:30 PM, Public Comment period, Eddy Ury of RE Sources said, They are happy to see sustainability efforts with the utilities.  Wanted to know if we are at the point we could be?  Wanted standards that are good now but also in 10 years.

Action Items

First Item: Passed 3-0 was an amendment to the 2018 Capital Budget for adjustments to projects – referred to as a Mid Year Adjustment.

Second Item: The second action item was for a Cooperative Port Broadband Interlocal Agreement in support of Federal Lobbying efforts for Broadband Services in the State of Washington.  This is an agreement working with other Ports to lobby for better broadband in underserved areas.  Cost was $10,000.  Approved 3-0.

Third Item: Action item #3 was a Professional Services Agreement with TranTech Engineering to provide engineering consulting services for The Waterfront District Conduit Bank Extension Protect.  Cost is $49,999.49 with contingencies up to $60,000.  Approved 3-0.

Fourth Item: Action item #4 is a Harbor Land Lease with TYR Port Logistics LLC for approx. 8 acres of property located in the Log Pond area adjacent to the Bellingham Shipping Terminal.  TYR is Texas based, is researching the installation of a rail line to move small containers to a freight station for export to Asia.  TYR caters to small shippers and project is dependent of negotiations with BNSF.  Passed 3-0.

Other Business–
During other business each of the Commissioners discussed a cross section of items:

Commissioner Briscoe questioned if an analysis has been done on possible upgrades and uses of the GP Pier.  The pier was built in about 8 different stages.  Answer was that plans are being developed for possible upgrades and uses.

Commissioner Sheppard addressed the Sub Area Plan.  Suggested being surgical with possible changes and the importance of working with the City on possible changes.  Briscoe replied that we don’t want to be bogged down trying to be perfect.

Commissioner Bell attended the WPPA meeting and noted that branding efforts can change the dynamics of the Port.  Also attended a meeting regards efforts of the Light House Mission to meet the need for a low barrier center possibly using some of the BNSF properties.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:13 pm.

Submitted by a Citizen Journalist for Common Threads NW