Citizen Journalism: Planning Unit Meeting May 9th, 2018

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The following meeting minutes were provided by a CTNW Citizen Journalist.

PU – GFC Meeting – Draft Meeting Notes; BIAW Conference Room (1650 Baker Creek Pl., Bellingham, WA 98226), May 9, 2018, 2:00-4:00pm

Attendees: Kurt Baumgarten, Linda Twitchell, Henry Bierlink, Rebecca Schlotterback, Ander Russell, Shannon Moore, Fred Likkel, Dan Eisses, Paul Isaacson, John Mercer, Skip Richards, Gary Stoyka, Cliff Strong, Becky Peterson

In audience: Terry Montonye, Alan Chapman, Ellen Baker, Carole Perry, Max Perry, Kathy Sabel, Oliver Grah, Rob Haught, Dave Onkels

  • PU – Planning Unit
  • GFC – Governance and Funding Committee

Agenda Topics

  1. Review, Update, and Approve Agenda

Addition- A working timeline was distributed. It was explained that it is an administrative tool to use for developing agendas through October and action is not required. It is informational.

Addition- Linda Twitchell distributed a preliminary draft of Buildout Potential by Water Service in Whatcom County Rural Areas Affected by Hirst Decision (October, 16, 2017) and a paper from the Land Development Caucus on well projection figures.  The distribution was informational for future discussion.

Addition- Council Surface Water Work Session May 15th added to Agenda Item #4.

  1. Identify Permanent GFC Chair

Linda Twitchell nominated Dick Whitmore to serve as permanent chair for the GFC.  Dick accepted the nomination.

Nomination of Dick Whitmore as GFC Chair will advance to the Planning Unit for approval.

  1. Follow-up from April GFC Meeting

Cliff Strong brought several large scale maps for GFC use; they have also been provided electronically.  A new request was for a map of the aggregated sub-basins with an overlay of the water service areas.  There was agreement by the GFC to hold off on additional map requests until after the BERK projections are provided including a recent request for a map with an overlay of the water service areas.

  1. Outcome of May 8 Whatcom County Council Meeting

Gary Stoyka reported that the original resolution introduced by Brenner and Byrd was passed by the County Council.  There is no action being requested from the Planning Unit.  Gary noted that the Council Surface Water Work Session is scheduled for May 15th.

Agenda Addition – The Council Surface Water Work Session is scheduled for May 15th.  As discussed at the Planning Unit meeting, Dick Whitmore and Ander Russell will provide the Council with a Planning Unit update.  GFC discussed the message to convey to the Council as part of the update including:

  • Composition of the Planning Unit and the diverse representation
  • Confidence in the County staff and others involved in moving the process forward
  • Planning Unit actions since the last update to the Council
  • Build on the information from the binders that Planning Unit members previously provided to the Council.
  1. Follow-up from May 3 Solutions Workshop

The purpose of the agenda item was to continue the May 3 workshop discussion.   Becky provided a copy of the brainstormed list of ideas from the Watershed Staff Team and a copy of ideas generated during the workshop. Gary walked through the list generated by Staff Team; it was noted that LID should have been added to the Staff Team’s list.  NGWS representatives distributed via email work that had been previously done as part of the Watershed Management Plan development including establishing criteria for evaluating solutions.  GFC discussed factors they think are important in considering solutions such as feasibility and cost; they would like to begin taking the solutions and begin filling in a table that includes factors that will need to be considered.

Becky will check with Kasey Cykler as the point of contact for the technical consultant to see if RH2 would have the framework for the matrix for the next GFC meeting.

  1. Next Meeting

June 13, 2018 BIAW



  • The nomination of Dick Whitmore as GFC Chair will move forward to the Planning Unit.
  • Becky will check with Kasey on potential availability of matrix from RH2 for next GFC meeting.