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Wake Up Whatcom County-wide Candidate Forum ~ It’s Going to Take All of Us to Make A Difference

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On Oct. 5th, 2017 a number of local organizations came together to sponsor a Whatcom County-wide Candidate forum. The forum was limited to County Council and Port of Bellingham races due to time constraints. The questions asked of each of the candidates came from the organizations themselves and each candidate was required to first answer, “Yes” or “No,” to each …

Flaws in Proposition 9 revealed by local author

In Charter Review Commission, Common Voices, Whatcom County Council by Ashley Butenschoen

This year Whatcom County voters are asked to decide whether Whatcom County should be split into five County Council districts instead of three. Each district would send one representative to the County Council with an additional two representatives elected to “at large” positions. Billed as “fair and equal” by proponents, the Proposition actually makes a monumental mess of a system …

From The Fourth Corner

In Common Voices by Ashley Butenschoen

The Fourth Corner did a series of articles on the behind the scenes workings of the liberal faction on the Charter Review Commission and the County Council concerning Whatcom County Charter amendments.  Some of these shenanigans we noted in our lawsuit against the current Council Council. While the Fourth Corner may have a slightly different take on things there is one …