Who Is Common Threads Northwest?

 Common Threads Northwest, a non-profit public interest group based in Northwest Washington State, is a positive and rational force in helping our community achieve economic vitality, environmental quality, individual rights, an informed citizenry; and prudent use of public resources.

We're business owners, farmers, employees, and families who want to be involved in local issues. We are just ordinary citizens who are working together for a better community.

Holding Public Officials Accountable

Do you know what comments are said, decisions are made, and votes are cast by your representatives in your local government? Most likely, your answer is no, just like most everyone else in the county.

What about the Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Committee, Agriculture Advisory Committee, and so many other committees and boards?

Common Threads Northwest is working on creating a monitoring system where people will attend County Council, County Commission, and County Board meetings, report what they see, hear, and votes that are made. In a timely manner we will publish the information they collect so everyone can be informed.

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Analysis of the Economic Effects of the Comprehensive Plan

Don’t miss this timely, new special report, published just in time to help you prepare comments to Council for the public record on the comp plan! For a suggested donation of $5 – $25 Common Threads NW is pleased to make Jack and Clayton Petree’s new report available. To take advantage of this special hit the order button below.
Common Threads NW is a local, non-profit, all-volunteer organization operating under Section 501(c)(4) of the IRS Code. Contributions are not deductible, however we are not required to disclose our donors.

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